Find your physical and spiritual dirty strength

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Find your physical and spiritual dirty strength

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I'm Sarah Smith and I coach women to get dirty strong.

I work with women ALL over the world that are struggling with depletion, pelvic organ prolapse, pelvic floor and core issues and lack of physical and mental confidence. Together we do the DIRTY work to become strong, capable confident and content in our bodies!

Where workouts meet devotions, meditation and prayer

Dirty Strength Foundations™ is my latest program and it's six weeks  of spiritual and physical training wrapped into one program! Stack your self care, breath work and quiet time all into one 30-40 minutes time block!


Enrollment opens Feb. 28th!

What no one is telling your about prolapse 

Take my webinar on the Three M's: the root causes of prolapse symptoms. This is a complimentary 45 minute webinar on how to truly conquer your prolapse once and for all and why surgery and Kegels are NOT the answer.

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Better Than Kegels

This course has singlehandedly helped students overcome prolapse, persistent bladder pain, stress, digestive problems and chronic pain in the body.

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Dirty Strength Radio

Finding your strength and power in the modern world is dirty work and for that you need #dirtystrength. Tune in now to my show on ALL things physical and spirtual strength for women!


Doing hard things to learn to love your body

No pink dumbbells here, we are getting DOWN and DIRTY with iron, bodyweight exercises, breath training spiritual growth to step into our roles as mothers, grandmothers and STRONG POWERFUL WOMEN that embrace dirty work to grow dirty strength. 



Hold Up!

My 8 week conquering pelvic organ prolapse course to help you AVOID surgery to make your surgery stick. It's pre-hab and re-hab in one! Live workshops, expert interviews, massage and amazing content for changing the 5 habits behind your prolapse!

Learn more!

Connect Your Core and Pelvic Floor

Postpartum rehab for ALL women and anyone struggling with diastasis recti, "tight" or "weak" pelvic floors. This is a 12 week course with 6 full length workouts and TONS of lifestyle support content for making real changes to your core and pelvic floor.

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The Castor Oil Crash Course™


Get started with better gut health, detoxing your liver, balancing your hormones and clearing your skin with the power of castor oil packs!
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I'm a busy mama...

I need programming that works with my full life. Exercise that LIFTS me up and doesn't beat me down. Strength training that addresses my pelvic floor, core and posture while ALSO helping me achieve my fitness goals. That's why I created the program I have here, because I know I'm not alone. You need this too.

Grateful for you and your amazing knowledge. I've never felt stronger in my core, 100% because of your programming. 



Mama client


Hi! I'm Sarah Smith!

I help deplete women find their spiritual and physical strength to overcome pelvic floor problems and depletion of energy!

I'm a mom of three, prolapse conqueror, strength coach and soil scientists that loves the Most High God!

When I'm not coaching women to build their dirty strength, you can find me in my garden with my bulldog, Bella, my three boys and our chickens.


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