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" Having pelvic floor problems for about 16 years, I have tried many, many different methods for treatment and relief. Not until Sarah’s program of diaphragmatic breathing have I begun begun feel better and not had a need for daily medication to relax my pelvic floor. "

Amanda. A

"Makes so much sense. I have suffered from burning in the bladder for so many years. Tried so many diets, nothing has worked. Using the breath and focusing on relaxing my pelvic floor is the first time anything has worked to relieve the pain and make me regular in the mornings. Thank you Sarah, I’m so glad I have found you."

Julie B.

"Today I PR'd my deadlift with no prolapse symptoms, JUST by using your breathing strategies before I worked out."

Sharon L.

Better Than Kegels

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"Kegels for months on end simply wasn't beneficial or realistic! This course has been a game changer for pressure management. Picking up my nugget, doing chores, all the lifting and bending has encouraged movement instead of making me feel like I have to sit down and hope my pelvic floor heals itself. "

Sam W.

"Changing my breathing technique I realized that I really was in that fight or flight pattern and never noticed it. I think that paired with counseling made all the difference. I’m still amazed at the shift that happened. So again, THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!! "

Nicole A.

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