Faith-based fitness that isn't lame.

Devotions, breath work and strength training all in one workout!

40 minute combined workouts and meditations for spiritual and physical strength for such a time as this.


Faith-based fitness that isn't lame.


Get Dirty Strength Foundations™

 Devotions, breath work & strength training all in one workout!

40 minute combined workouts and meditations for spiritual and physical strength for such a time as this.

What is Dirty Strength Foundations™ and why do you want it?


What can you expect?

What will Dirty Strength Foundations™ do for you?

  • Stack your prayer, breath and fitness practice all into one time block 3 days per week
  • Help you find meaning and confidence in your workouts
  • Change your mindset around strength training and teach you new methods of training that make you feel unstoppable
  • Support, inspiration and meditation from audible devotions before each workout
  • Grow your connection to the Most High, your body, the earth and of course, your dirty strength so you can do hard things.
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Course Features

Training Manual Devotion Notebook

Printable PDF training handbook to guide your devotions, breath work and workouts.
There is room for reflections, notes and  benefit of an actual hard-copy reference you can have in hand for following the program.

****Hard copy version is sold out, but downloadable and printable version still available. 

Six week strength training program

Full workout videos for each training sessions, warm-ups, strength circuits and metabolic conditioning. Workouts that challenge your body and mind and inspire spiritual growth!



Audible devotions

Every workout is paired with scripture meditation, a ~5 minute audible devotion, and space for notes and reflection. 


Hold Up!

HOW much TIME, ENERGY and MONEY does surgery and recovery cost us vs, investing energy into making these 5 WHOLE BODY and LIFE healing changes to conquer prolapse, find lasting STRENGTH and HEALING!

What you will learn:

Pregnancy, birth or menopause did not cause your pelvic organ prolapse (POP).
BEFORE these events you were struggling with at least one if not all five of the habits addressed in this course.
THAT is why surgery may not be the answer for you, because it doesn't fix these habits, but YOU CAN!

  • New movement and breathing strategies that stop prolapse problems in exercise and everyday life
  • Unique dietary changes and gut support to make QUALITY pelvic tissue production, routine bowel movements, and reduce pelvic pressure and pain.
  • Self-massage and mindset  strategies for stopping depletion and emotional stress from frying our nervous system and building toxins in the body
  • It's pre-hab, rehab and prevention all in ONE course!
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"Wow!! I could feel my body soften and almost sigh a relief of “yes yes yes”! Deep down my spirit and soul know that I crave stillness…yet the mind is what keeps me guilty for not doing! I will come back to this every morning and do the breathing to remind me of the power of stillness! Thank you Lord for you and this community!"

Ulrike B.

“I can't begin to fully explain how gifted Sarah is at training and coaching! She is extremely approachable and friendly, which makes you feel like you can come as you are, no matter what level of fitness you are at.
I can confidently say that I have never experienced a trainer who has more knowledge and expertise in her craft than Sarah."

Jen G.


An invitation to try new training equipment

You can do this program with dumbbells, kettlebells and barbells, but you can ALSO incorporate trees, sandbags, sleds, tires, wheel barrows and more! Get outside, get outside your comfort zone and get dirty!

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Ready for daily battle.

The armor of God and then some.

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  • Your own workout handbook devotion journal! Printable PDF training handbook with devotions, workouts and room for reflection and notes.
  • Six weeks of strength training (12 workouts) housed in an online portal where you access full length workout videos and audible devotions to listen to while you warm-up and more
  • Private online community for accountability, connection and questions (think Facebook group, but without Facebook, yuck).


Join Hold Up! now!

You can literally start learning how to change your habits and conquer your. prolapse RIGHT now! Get the course and start learning ASAP!

I want to conquer prolapse!

Sarah's perspective on women's health is a breath of fresh air in an industry that so often focuses on athletic performance, problems, and solutions through the lens of the male body. If you need support, a mindset shift, and a good challenge then Sarah is your girl.

-Mona, client


Do hard things.