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This course is educational and should not be substituted for working with a healthcare professional that you trust and that listens to you, your needs and concerns.  You are the boss of your own body. 

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The Castor Oil Crash Course

Stop battling constipation by healing your liver, balancing your hormones and fixing your gut WHILE YOU SLEEP!

What you'll get:

  • Why castor oil packs stop constipation, detox your liver, alleviate pain/bloating and cramping/ and heal your gut
  • How to do them, what you need and where to purchase
  • Bonus content on movement, breathing (full length breathwork session), supplement recommendations and more

This course is for educational purposes.

What People Are Saying:

Hi! I want to start by saying Thankyou! I have been dealing with physical therapists and drs for 4 years now about my pelvic floor problems and they all told me how important breathing was but once I watched your videos about breathing with my diaphragm I realized I didn’t understand it entirely. I’ve had a bad very demotivating flare up in my pelvic floor problem and constipation problems and after your video I was able to relax my spasming and very uncomfortable muscles and it made me emotional and very hopeful. So thankyou so much


After being on 4 rounds of very strong antibiotics my gut was in a great deal of stress. Mainly extreme constipation. By wk.2 of go with your gut I was feeling better. Finally by wk.3 I was feeling good,constipation starting to go away. Same with wk.4 still feeling good I strongly recommend this program if you have any kind of gut issue. I had no idea just by eliminating some foods could make such a difference. Thanks Sarah you’re awesome!!!”


Sarah is knowledgable and down to Earth. She's super easy to talk to...even though we talked about personal things (like my pelvic floor's performance...ha!). Would highly recommend her to anyone.