Connect your core and pelvic floor to find your strength, confidence and power!

Do cool things! Stop fearing exercise and daily movement! Overcome incontinence, "tight" pelvic floors, weak cores and perinatal and perimenopause pelvic floor problems.

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Build a strong core and pelvic floor using 6 workouts that optimize the function of your pelvic floor making it, NOT TOO TIGHT and NOT TOO WEAK so it can do its job!

Nervous system training

Re-trained your stressed nervous system with movement, breathing and lifestyle habits proven to relieve pelvic pain, overactive or burning bladder, muscle tightness, digestive issues and incontinence.

Lifestyle habits

Get  small practical changes you can make in your daily life to find your strength and confidence in your body again.

Hi! I'm Sarah Smith!

I'm the creator of Connect™!
I made this course because when I was rehabbing my own pelvic floor, as a busy mom of three young kids I was frustrated with the lack of options for fixing my core and pelvic floor!

Everything was either too intense and made my pelvic floor over-recruit/ cause pain and constipation OR it was too easy and boring and felt like it did nothing, like Happy Baby pose.

This program targets the source of your core and pelvic floor weakness, the nervous system, while building whole body strength in your pelvic floor and core, but also your neck, glutes, arms, quads, hamstrings and more!

When applied consistently, the programming here will give you a stronger more connected body and help you to feel READY for life again!

" Just started to olympic lift again with no symptoms! Even tested the waters with double unders... :) Peeing my pants was SUCH a shock to me after having Arthur (100% natural home birth in under 4 hours), I was so prepared for labor but in no way prepared for what my body was going to be like after. "


"Having pelvic floor problems for about 16 years, I have tried many, many different methods for treatment and relief. Not until Sarah’s program of diaphragmatic breathing have I begun begun feel better and not had a need for daily medication to relax my pelvic floor. I no longer get up multiple times a night to pee either!"

Amanda A.

"This morning I woke up and couldn't feel ANYTHING protruding out of my vagina! "


"I’m 4 videos in and could cry with relief because I’m finally beginning to understand how the pelvic floor/core stability works. I can’t thank you enough. "


"You have a lot of mind blowing info, answers, solutions, and guidance AND there's no B.S. around it either. You tell them how it really is, you make it normal to talk about it! We need that! No more suffering in silence."


Whole body workouts for resilient whole body strength and power!

Come connect your core and pelvic floor with me!

Why Take This Course?

  • You just had a baby and need to re-connect to your core and pelvic floor for exercise purposes and daily life
  • You struggle with an over-active pelvic floor that causes pain, leaking, burning, and makes exercise difficult
  • Your core is weak and you want to re-train it safely and efficiently
  • You're going through menopause and started to experiencing leaking, pain, and other pelvic floor symptoms
  • You've graduated from pelvic floor PT, but you still don't know how to exercise
  • You have a history of over-exercising/adrenal fatigue/injury and want smart training that won't hurt you!

"You helped me move again because of THIS course! "

Sam W. Mom of three

Who needs this?

YOU if you're a woman with diastasis recti, pelvic floor dysfunction, incontinence, chronic constipation, hemorrhoids, a weak core, pelvic tilt, fear of exercise after baby or after injury/surgery. Wonderful for women of ALL ages! 

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"Your course has taught me the alignment and moving strategies that I needed to feel strong again. "

Leslie, Course Student

Frequently Asked Questions

  • 12 weeks of core and pelvic floor strength programming complete with video tutorials, PDF downloads of the workouts, and full length videos of workouts for you to follow along to.
  • 68 videos ranging from 3-60 minutes long that teach the essentials of building a strong core and pelvic floor while training and strengthening the entire body
  • Executable steps on how to overcome gut health struggles, hemorrhoids, hip pain, constipation, airway health, foot pain and MORE!
  • A full length breathing workout session with me (36 minutes long) as well as full length video workouts and daily exercises
  • In depth instruction on what is pelvic floor dysfunction, diastasis recti, airway restrictions and how these impact your pelvic floor health/how to overcome them
  • Tutorials on "when to see a pelvic floor PT", related gut health struggles, resetting your vagus nerve and more!

We mostly use your body and breathing, but I recommend you purchase lightweight resistance bands (like these) and some medium to heavy dumbbells or kettlebells (between 10 and 35 lbs, depending on the workout).

You can use my lifting cues for your barbell, kettlebell or dumbbell workouts if that's your preferred form of training. I use ketttlebells to demo mostly in this course.

You have time to try the workouts with whatever weights you have and purchase what you need when it's time to start the workouts. We do several weeks of bodyweight work BEFORE we use any weights or bands.

68 and it's about 10 hours of instruction overall to be done at your own pace or over the course of 12 weeks if you want to stick to the program exactly.

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